MarkNet Communications specializes in indoor/outdoor wireless network engineering and installation. 

Built on a foundation of honesty, experience, and customer service; MarkNet Communications offers the BEST overall solution for your wireless networking needs.  Our team of technicians are prepared to manage every aspect of your wireless networking needs - from network design, to cable/access point installation, configuration, and testing.

Wireless networking has seen tremendous growth in and outside of the workplace, with the growth trend expected to continue, and even increase in the coming years.  Many businesses are now relying on wireless networks for critical business applications and communications, in addition to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) networks for employees and guests.  MarkNet Communications specializes in designing, installing, and configuring wireless networks for both indoor and outdoor use.  

Indoor wireless network design, installation, configuration, and testing.

Outdoor wireless network design, installation, configuration, and testing.


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