In 2004, Mark Teague founded MarkNet Communications after more than 2 decades of working for one of the leading providers of network/telecommunications cabling in Oklahoma. MarkNet Communications has earned a reputation as an honest and dependable organization with unmatched attention to detail and an emphasis on customer satisfaction.  That attention to detail and customer-centric attitude, combined with a competitive pricing structure, has made MarkNet a great overall value for anyone needing network cabling and/or telecommunications installation in the Tulsa area.


Our industry experience, integrity, and commitment to customer service are all reflected in the quality of our work.  Our goal is to be a customer-centric organization that anticipates change and values its employees.  To live up to that goal, we must first listen to YOU, our customer.  We believe in providing an exceptional service at a fair-market price, so you can be sure that you are getting the absolute best value.  We are dedicated to helping you make your technology infrastructure an investment, rather than an expense.  Our technicians perform all work in adherence to industry standards and local codes. 


Fiber optic network design, installation, troubleshooting, certification, and repair.

Copper cable network design, installation, troubleshooting, certification, and repair.

Wireless network design, installation, configuration, and testing.

Audio Visual design, installation, troubleshooting, and repair.


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